We are fortunate on the Nursery in having SPACE - Space to build large Pens and to give protected exercise room to all our cats.  This is especially important for the Stud Boys who can also benefit from the company of a neutered Queen when not on Active Duties. The other benefit of course is that we are not restricted to just a couple of Studs, but can keep several in order to widen the Gene pool and prevent in-breeding.


Mr Nice Guy  Marc AntonyYours Truly

Mr Nice Guy                             Marc Antony  (Daddy)                                  Yours Truly (Mum)

In 2009 we welcomed the birth of Applause Mr Nice Guy from the mating of Canadian Import Triple Gr. Ch. Carstutz Marc Antony courtesy of my friend John of Leahs Blues and my own beautiful Applause Yours Truly

Mr Nice Guy is now himself a Triple Gr. Ch. with TICA and was also awarded Best Silver Mackerel Tabby for 2010.

Nice Guy is a Big Boy - people always remark on his size, esp. when they see him  run round his enclosure - I even had one gentleman who asked me - quite seriously - if I needed a Licence for him or his kittens. I had to assure him he was a perfectly normal Domestic Cat.!  Because of his size and temperament and a Silver - (a triple whammy!) his kittens are always in great demand.

We also acquired last year a very large strong Red Tabby boy - Zak of Applause (pic) who was extremely quick off the mark - siring his first two litters to Applause Sweet Caroline and Applause Super Nova, both daughters of Nice Guy - at only 7 months!  Zak himself has a Double-page Feature in the new Dorling Kindersley Book of Cat Breeds for 2013 - representing the Solid Red Maine Coons  -  Apart from being a huge boy, rivaling my Mr. Nice Guy in Size and Bone, Zak also has the gentlest  nature and like all my Stud Boys clear of the HCM gene. And as to be expected my lovely Zak has a Pedigree Stuffed with Champions of his lines - SO -----"What`s Not to Like!"

 Zak of Applause



 Sweet Caroline 

                   Sweet Caroline has  recently been mated to Champion Amoramist - a new outcross who is staying with me for a few months.


 Zak      Lex - Blue Solid   New Pic of Lex - Now 7 months old - and Growing!!!

In 2010 we also introduced Lanega Snowman - a gorgeous Blue-eyed Solid White to our breeding program. He  is a delightful, gentle boy and has already sired kittens, giving us a solid white girl Applause Blanchette who is staying with us as another breeding Queen.

Snowman     Blanchette

Snowman                                                                     Blanchette

LexdenIn 2011 our newcomer was Kassaro Lexden a solid Blue Boy from my good friend Sandra, bringing in more new blood from Poland and a rarely seen Island Cats Pedigree  - We are hoping for some outstanding litters  from this boy. (pic) opposite - very much a Baby. HOWEVER, Above  the pic of Snowman  is a new pic of Lex - To show how he has grown!  He loves his food.

At present he is entertaining a Lady - Applause Sally Luna  - a lovely silver girl, and I am hoping they will mate and produce some lovely bab ies  early Summer      - if all goes well we should have some big typey Blue-Silvers

 The lovely Tabby Boy above - Born August 2012 - is Applause Perrysboy  and is from Zak of Applause (Red) and Applause Prairie Breeze (Silver)-(Sister to Mr. Nice Guy - he was kept because I simply couldn`t part with him. I couldn`t believe my eyes when he was born - twice the size of the other kittens and a Brown Tabby.  He has his Daddy`s size and boning and temperament and carries the size and colour from Breeze. Expectations are High!!  He has been mated to Applause Enigma  a Dilute Tortie and also to Applause Blanchette - so a mixed batch of kittens there, if all goes well, in May 2015. Births will be announced on the kitten page.


SylvesterWhich brings me to our remaining Stud, last but not least our Super, Reliable, Gentle Giant - Kassaro Sylvester, now  10 years old. (pic)  A classic Silver Tabby who has produced consistently, big, strong, healthy kittens with excellent markings and boning.

 Now this is hard for me to type - Sylvester has passed away - My Lovely gentle boy has died. Sylvester has gone. Breeding as I have for 20 years - it doesn`t get any easier.  I can`t say much more.  Many of you write to me about a loved member of your cat family who has died -  so you know how it feels. I`m so sorry - he was, the oldest and he went peacefully also in his sleep so I can`t ask for more - Bless him - no trouble - even in death - the perfect gentleman.





 Finally ALL our boys have been recently tested HCM Clear by Langfords Vet. Labs. at Bristol.


Impossible to even mention Ragdolls without Billie ( Applause Stud Boy)  - Now  17 years old and he still can Sire the Best.  Every kitten Billy sired is stamped with his mark  - they look like Billy, Walk like Billy and Talk like Billy.

Billy is King - a Blue Colourpoint - My Boy - My Favourite.

It is with great sadness I have to announce the death of Billy. He passed away  peacefully in his sleep -  He will be greatly missed and forever remembered - a great gentleman - much loved  But he did leave me a litter!!!!

However - Life - and Breeding goes On - I have kept a Blue Colourpoint Boy from my own Dancing Queen girl  and Billie`s own Super Line - and guess what? have Registered him as "Applause Another Billie" - in great hopes - Watch this space!  

Just an up-date on Another Billie - He is proving to be more like Billy every day - Now his favourite trick is to roll over - and over - and over whenever he sees me - just like Billy always did - I have to pick him up and hug him - or I would cry!  - I am waiting and waiting for a litter from him - just think what say Four little Billies running around and rolling over and over - Oh My Oh My!! 

Blue C.P. RagdollJ



Newcomer this year is the very welcome addition of Champion  Creme Crush Creme Mitted Ragdoll- a big heavy boned Boy, with startling Blue/Blue eyes.   Crush`s Pedigree goes right back to Applause Alpha - one of my very first Ragdoll boys.    Crush is also a mitted boy and with the right matings will pass these lovely white feet on to some of his kittens.

Stars Boy




Seal Tabby Boy -  Dreamer -  Another gentle giant - Dreamer carries Blue  

 He is such a good boy - so easy to handle - temperament to die for and what is more - he passes this on. 








Very New Young Hopeful  - The Baby of them all -  Our little PRINCE                      

 Silver SpottyBr, Silver Spottie

 Adelfsh Roxynights Prince ( at only 4 months old )                         And Now - Growing Well - . Both Polka and Prince are compatable - both being Blood Group A or AB (neither carry b) See their kittens on the kitten page and hopefully more are due from May onwards - The Spots produced are fantastic and the base coat a pure Silver.

 Now - Another entrant - a bit young yet to be a Stud - but has Potential - not on this page yet but for more information on this new baby - SEE THE NEWS PAGE - picture there as well.