Applause Queens

New Arrivals  - 2011.   

Applause Ikindaliker - The name says it all!!  This girl caught my eye almost immediately. She is a large typey Blue-Silver Tortie from Applause  Sweet Caroline and Red Zak, Born on the 14th March 2011 and will hopefully be mated to young Kassero Lex, or Snowman and produce some lovely babies, soon.   Queen `Liker now has a new litter to Snowman - 2 Whites 1 Silver and 1 Red  = too early to sex or to visit but up-dates will be on the Kitten page soon  probably in another month - November onwards.

Ikindaliker     Silver Tortie       o 

Applause Blanchette - A golden-eyed Solid White girl from Snoflake and Zak -  - born 26th July 2010 -  - She was mated to Triple Grand Champion Applause Mr. Nice Guy and her 4 kittens (born April 2014) were very quickly booked and sold.  She has recently been mated to Applause Perrysboy - a large Brown Tabby carrying Silver and I am eagerly awaiting her kittens  from May onwards this year 2015 - births will be notified on the Kitten page.      (this litter was booked and sold immediately)

Blanchette is now available for re-homing being retired from Breeding.  She is available for the price of her Spaying only to a good home genuingly requiring an older cat. Tel: for further info. 

Blanchette was rehomed this weekend 20/01/17


Three Proven Young Queens - Sweet Caroline, and  Supa Nova  Both Silver Tabbys from Mr Nice Guy  Rosie has been re-homed and is living "the Life of Riley"   but the other two girls are looking for new retirement homes - preferably to be the only cat in the house  - unless they go together - no charges for the girls except the Vet`s fee for Spaying (Neutering) plus Health Cert. about £100 each in total.  They are both from Triple Grand Champion and European Award Winner - Applause Mr. Nice Guy - strong healthy girls - never, ever had a day`s illness, any viruses, coughs, colds, tummy upsets, or temperament problems - probably fitter than I am.   Tel. 01865 391247

Sweet Caroline   Sweet Caroline has now gone to a new home 24/01/2017  Supa Nova I think is too old now to be put under the strain of a new home - so I shall just keep her - she is quite fit and appears well, but has a few miserable teeth and requires special feeds and as she gets on well with the others in her Pen and has never given any trouble - well - she deserves a quiet settled old age and can be allowed to just "fade away" in her own good time in her own home.

and Rosie - a Red Mackerel Tabby & White a Leahs Blues girl from Kassero Chesney and Starlight



Applause Prairie Breese - 6/06/2008 - A quite stunning Silver Tabby and White - Sister to Mr Nice Guy and my Biggest Queen  Breeze has been mated to a complete outcross - Champion Amoramist who is staying with me for some time.  He is a Black Smoke (Smoke is Silver) - not sure yet whether she is with kitten, but if not will try again in another month.   Breese is a beauty - but if she doesn`t come into kitten next month then she can be re-homed - I have had many requests and offers for her already.




Applause Appeal - possibly to be retired this year and Magic Minx a Black Tortie and Mysterie a lovely Black Smoke girl  These three girls have now been re-homed and are enjoying a well earned retirement.


Maine Coons

Applause Pedigree Cats and Kittens: British, Maine Coons and Ragdolls
Applause Appeal - Classic Tortie/Tabby
  Applause Pedigree Cats and Kittens: British, Maine Coons and Ragdolls
CA Ch. Jay-Jay ( Now re-homed )

Applause Pedigree Cats and Kittens: British, Maine Coons and Ragdolls
Applause Davinia - A Seal Colourpoint

Davinia also Retired to new home

Applause Pedigree Cats and Kittens: British, Maine Coons and Ragdolls
Villenelle Teasel - Seal Tortie

Teasel is expecting - probably late April - Birth will be notified on the Kitten page, if all goes well.

Applause Pedigree Cats and Kittens: British, Maine Coons and Ragdolls
Ch. Applause Dancing Queen = Blue Bi-colour Queenie is Featured for the Ragdolls in the new Dorling Kindersley Book of Cat Breeds 2013  Queenie is a Super Girl with a string of Trophies to her name when she was being shown - among them:

Happytyme Trophy for Best Kitten

Sweetbeastie Trophy for best Bi-Colour 

Azzedine Arabian Knight Trophy for Best Overall Bi-Colour Opposite Sex


Cream C.Pt. Ragdoll Queen       Blue Colourpoint Ragdoll

Applause Delightful (Daughter of Creme Crush)          Queen Eloise (Blue C,Pt.)