Our Previous Kittens

I have got so many lovely pictures of kittens from their new owners, I thought it would be nice to show them off!

That is - When I can find them!! - ...

First off: - This is Applause Thor - Just  9 months old this month - a fine fellow and with plenty of time to grow even more - Thank you Caroline - he is a real sweetie  

Next to Thor is a pic of Applause Cirrus and Sirocco - just coming up to 17 years old - Two Ragdolls, looking good and firm friends - Thank you Sarah - you must  be very proud of them

The little pic below is of Charlotte taking Utah for a walk round the house - in  his favourite place, says Valerie,  He will soon be joined by Nevada a baby Blue Bi-colour, viewed and booked recently.  Utah was 17 years old last week and Valerie held a Birthday Celebration for him - I was very honoured to be asked to blow out the candles on his Cake.  Pic of this happy occasion will follow shortly

Then another Beauty - Applause Bright Star (Now called Phoebe) from Mat and Gill - sorting out Xmas delights!! Looking a bit Guilty?