Some Special News on the Kitten page!!!!  Billie has sired his first litter on the lst January 2018 - Applause Another Billie to Applause Another Queenie - Didn`t He do well!  Her first litter also - She is sooo- excited -  and so am I!!!-----  Read all about it - fingers crossed - at the moment, hoping all goes well.   No viewings of course until the litter is stablised and about 5/6 weeks old - they will be Blue Colourpoint aka Billie or Blue Bi-colour aka Queenie - parents clear of the HCM Gene - as are all my breeding stock -  I am especially delighted as  I was 90 years old in December 2017  and thinking - just thinking - of retiring from Breeding - but maybe not just yet!  I wonder what the breeding stock of Queenie and Billie together might just produce in a couple of years?

 We have  A New Stud Boy for the Ragdolls - see the Kitten Page .....  He is from Applause Dancing Queen and will be working this year alongside "Blue" - see under.

He is a hoped-for replacement for my wonderful Billie  - from the same line - and Yes!  I am so sure he has all the Charm and Style of Billie and I have called him and Registered him as "Applause Another Billie"    Here he is at just  9 months old  - another gentle giant


I took my Silver Spottie - Applause Masterclass to the Southern Counties Show on Saturday  - her first Show and was delighted that she was given First in her Class and Best of Breed by Mrs. Prowse - Thank you

Masterclass has since produced just two babies from her first mating - only Two - but What beauties - a Super Silver Spottie - just like Mama - and a complete Silver Tabby Knockout Boy - just like his Daddy - 

Also My Odd-eyed White Boy Maine Coon - Applause Come-back-Bowie, now in the ownership of my friend Margaret Nolan, who Showed him to absolute perfection, came First in his Class and Best of Breed - to the great delight of us both.



  - Applause Pedigree Cats have bought a new Kitten - "Leibling for Applause" or BLUE - as he will be known. He is just l year old now and quite delightful. A Blue Colourpoint Ragdoll - Carrying LILAC -  Who knows - we may produce Lilac or Chocolate kittens when he is mated this year - but in any case he is a very welcome addition.  I`m hoping he will make up for my loss of Billy last year (at 18 yrs) and Ch. Applause  Starsboy (14 yrs)  this year.  He is a complete outcross to my own lines and also clear of the HCM gene and the dreaded Polysistic menace.  Pictured below - a pretty playful Baby now - but watch him grow!


New Blue Boy

More pictures and news of this baby will follow in due course - He has lovely deep blue eyes, a clear white coat with deep-blue colourpoint positive markings - no blemishes I can see at the moment and what is best of all - a temperament to die for - He could be bigger - for perfection - but size is definately not everything - he is  to be a Stud Boy, looks well equipped and was one of Seven - so the fertility is hopefully passed on - we shall see - I am over the moon optimistic and can`t wait.   I thank  Angela for this boy and hope the exchange of new boy "Blue" with Applause Cream Dream  - my very very best of Champion Applause Delightful`s litter x Stud Dreamer, fulfills her dream too.

OLD NEWS BELOW - keeping new readers of my Web "in the picture" 


July 2011: Our new British Spottie Stud boy gained 3 Red Cards and a Best of Breed at his first Show.  The pic shows him as a kitten - He is a Big Boy now and everybody loves him - he is a Big Softie - rolls over to have a tummy tickle - Purrs his head off - he loves everybody.



Polka our lovely Silver Spottie Girl  had her first litter - 3 Boys and 2 Girls - with Spots to die for!

Her first litter -  is pictured below. This year she will be mated  to our new boy "Prince"  so we shall see if he can produce as good as he Shows!  Following that up - Prince`s First Litter to one of Polka`s babies is now on the kitten page  - couldn`t be better - more than lives up to expectations and my expectations were HIGH!

Polka's kittens   Blue/Silver/Tortie

Applause Ikindaliker our young Silver Tabby Maine Coon Queen - pictured above - gained her first C.C. at Reading on Saturday 28th January, Southern Counties Show - Mrs Shingleton judging.  

Applause Delightful our new cream Ragdoll kitten (from Champion Cream Crush) went to her first show on Saturday 17 September and was given First in her class and Best of Breed.  Delight is a beautiful girl who, we hope, will give us some lovely kittens next year.  She will probably be mated to Champion Applause Stars Boy our Blue Tabby Ragdoll Stud.   Meanwhile she has now been to her first Adult Show - with Ikindaliker - and had another First and Best of Breed at the Southern Counties, 28th January.


Now Check out the STUDS Page - New Boy on the Block -  Applause Perrysboy

 And Now - Something Very New ............ 

Last year our wonderful German Shepherd Guard Dog - INCA - died. He had given us 12 years of trouble-free companionship and love and, bless him, passed away peacefully in his sleep.

However, we are pleased to say we have now a New German Shepherd - as yet  quite young - born 30th October 2011 - and are very proud to introduce  ........  VENZIU`S STORM .......


Perry - Nursery owner and Manager takes care of the Dogs and I am very proud to say that this lovely boy Storm qualified for Crufts at his very first Show.  He also went on to be Highly Commended at Crufts this year. He is still very young - only 12 months old now but already has a Fan Club from our Customers.

German Shepherd Puppy GSD Puppy 

Vonziu Storm - at 4-months old - weighing 20.6kg - Believe it - he is a BIG BOY!!!!