See Kitten notes for further information re Kitten Sales.

Appointments available most days between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. – please tel.01865 391247 or email:

  Ragdolls -  (All Breeding Stock and Parents tested clear of the HCM gene (Heart Problem)

 Bronwin  (Ragdoll Queen) gave birth to her first litter on June lst - 5 kittens all doing well.

Her babies will be available to view from the 15th July any day between ll a.m. and  3 p.m. 

 Contact me if interested - see Note below  -  2 boys and l girl available at present - all babies are Seal Colourpoint or Seal Bi-colour.  The Daddy is Magic - a lovely large boy newly imported from the Continent who has settled in well - easily handled and a typical Seal Colourpoint with super Ragdoll temperament.

    Maine Coons - (All parents and Breeding Stock tested Clear of the HCM  gene)

The  Maine Coons have been very reluctant to breed recently - but I shall be mating a couple of Queens shortly ---= - hopefully -  but I have nothing at the moment.



 Note - I do NOT keep a Kitten list.  Viewing of litters is booked by telephone or e-mail when the kitties are 4/5 weeks old, up, playing, eating well and able to be handled and showing colours, markings and personalities.  You are free to come, look, handle and walk away - BUT if you choose a kitty  then a £100 deposit is payable - non refundable unless of course I am unable to let the kitty go due to any cause such as the Vet finding a fault or defect, an accident to the baby, etc. not apparent at the time of viewing.

   ...... See the News Page for pic of my new Ragdoll Stud Boy - a sure fire replacement for my Billie, such a sad loss, but this boy is really something - and  what is more his Line is Billie`s Line and his name "Another Billie"   - temperament to die for - even for a Ragdoll - perfect coat and  Size and Weight to rival the Maine Coons  - and I have some Very Large Maine Coons!! - But with Queenie his Mother and Creme Crush  his Dad expectations are High 


KITTENS RECENTLY AVAILABLE:  For interest and information only -  All are now sold -

My Maine Coon Queen Tiger Lily had a litter of 3 kittens 2 girls, 1 boy - The Sire is Triple Grand Champion Applause Mr. Nice Guy - these kittens are looking good - should be large, beautiful and Silver Tabbies.   Tiger Lily is a very protective Mother and dislikes any interference so they are not available for viewing until up and running around at about 5/6 weeks.   -  they look pretty good now and are quite large - Mr. Nice Guy of course is a Huge Silver Boy and his kittens are usually in demand.    This picture shows the silver in the coat and the Tabby baby fluff.  They will be having their first vaccs. in about two weeks time around 14th Nov.  the second three weeks after, plus worming and flea treatment, Insurance and Registration, when they will be 12 weeks old and ready to go to their new homes.   

 Today the last female coonie was booked - 14/11/16 - next litters probably from end of March onwards and will be notified on this page. I do not keep a Kittens wanted list so if you are looking for a kitten around that time, then check this page and contact me to make an appointment to view.

Incidentally, this litter of Coonies were selected by Purina (Cat Food) for a Christmas Advert.   They were pretty stunning!  Well, I think so!

I also have just 2 Ragdoll babies - One Boy and a Seal mitted girl (possibly tortie ) now 6 weeks old  both already booked. Next litters of Ragdolls not until late Spring - around end of March/April


Kittens sold as Pets are priced  on the understanding that they are to be spayed or neutered at around 5 months old.  They can be viewed at 5/6 weeks old and booked.  A non-returnable deposit of £100 is requested when viewed, chosen and approved.  All pet kittens are GCCF Registered, Vaccinated at 9 weeks and 12 weeks, de-flead and wormed, and come with 4-generation Pedigree, 4 weeks Pet Plan Insurance, Kitten Notes and Food Samples, Litter trained and socialised, having been reared with tender loving care and expecting the same from you. They are released to their new owners at 12/14 weeks old .

The GCCF Registration Card is retained by me until I receive the new owner`s Veterinary assurance that the kitten has been spayed or neutered.  Spaying for the female and neutering for the male is a condition of sale for all kittens to be reared as Pets.

All my kittens are from parents tested Clear of the HCM Gene (Heart problem gene) by Langford` Univ. Vets Bristol.  This Heart problem is prevelant - not only among Maine Coons - Do be sure that wherever you buy your kitten and who-ever from - that you have SEEN the clearance certificate for BOTH parents showing that they have been tested CLEAR  of the HCM gene - this is the only way we can try to safeguard our cats from early death and also help to clear this dreadful gene from the breed.




News below of Previous litters:    Please Note - the remainder of this viewing page is for your interest only - and to show you the quality and type of my kittens

 At Last - Four Super Maine Coon Kittens - will be ready around third week of January - read on ..............

 A new litter of Four kittens - 2 Whites (l-Boy and l-Girl) l Red Boy and l Silver Girl - all eating well, playing, looking Good and ready for viewing - by appointment.   Picture below - the last one of the group. (The other 3 pics are of Polka`s litter - all gone)  Sorry - The Maine Coon  kittens are now booked  -  next litter not due until  September onwards



 Three more pics of the Coonies now just 9 weeks old - The White Boy is odd-eyed (one Blue one Gold) and is also the biggest!  

2 Whites - Orange-eyed girl and Odd-eyed Boy -  Just beautiful - from Queen Ikindaliker and Snowman my Blue-eyed Stud.    (My Whites are Not Deaf - they do not carry the deaf gene - the White has a masking effect on all other colours and if mated they could produce  Blacks, Blues, Reds, Creams, Silvers and Torties depending on the mating - i.e. Ikindaliker is a Silver Tabby - Snowman is a White - the litter is Red, Silver and White)

The rest of this page is History -- 

Congratulations to  British Silver Spottie Kitten Applause The Dancer on her second success last weekend - First and Best of Breed at Bracknell again -  and a big "Thankyou" to proud owner Hayley for Showing her.  Another super girlie from - Yes - Polka!

The picture below was sent by a proud owner -  This beautiful Red Boy is out of  my White Girl Blanchette and my lovely reliable Sylvester - He is now just 9 months old  and a credit to both Sylvester his Daddy and Andrew his owner.   The next picture sent shows one of Dreamer`s Ragdolls "Dixie" with Sara his owner. Dreamer has been mated recently to two of my Queens and kittens are awaited - hopefully more of the same!!   Then comes Applause CottonKandy who was made up to Grand Premier Saturday 31st January 2015.. She is a Blue-Tortie Bi-colour from Champion Applause Dancing Queen and shown so beautifully by her owner Heather Horton. Many thanks Heather for the care you show to all your cats.  The last picture was sent to me by my friend Urszula who mated her Queen to my boy Dreamer and shows three beautiful Girls - and I include them all in that compliment - a very Happy Snap!  Dreamer Scores again, and again.

"Aaah – How much Wider!”
Thank-you to Graham and Gill who sent this amusing picture to me


 Applause CottonKandy - Now Grand Premier



A very contented pair - sent in by Valerie - lovely pic - Thanks. (Ragdoll - of course!)

However,  Polka's daughter had a new litter of just Two - one Silver Spottie girl and one Silver Tabby Boy - just beautiful -  Pictures also below here:   underneath  the beautiful Boy "Shiner" - the boy has gone, the girlie I am keeping.  Having just put Shiner`s picture on this page I now have to let everybody know he has just been sold!!  He has actually gone to Andrew - who took his brother only a week ago and was so pleased with him he came back today for Shiner!  Thank you Andrew - you now have two fantastic boys - have many happy years.

Polka`s litter -last year -  we have just got the same again!!   2 gone to new homes - l Spottie boy still available - just like Shiner - Ready NOW 5/11/2017 -  Tel. for appointment to view - and maybe Takeaway!  We all like a "TAkeaway!"

Applause Shiner

 Just the two from Masterclass - both booked.  One gone - one staying with me.  


 Other matings will follow this month and next  - IF Queens willing!! - Studs always Ready.


White Male - Snowy -

A Black - A White and A Colourful Tortie

This year the Coons have been disinclined to mate so they are keeping me and everyone on the waiting list - well - Waiting!!  Nothing I can do about that!    However - The little White girl and the Tortie in the picture of three above are both now ready for a mating - first litters for both these young Queens so I`m hopeful, but very early days yet.

 Snoflake a lovely Odd-eyed White girl only 5 years old, who had an ectopic pregnancy last year and consequently had to be spayed.  Just been Re-homed.  So Sorry to let her go.  However I have been informed that she has settled well and is happy - which makes me happy too.   I have two other Silver/Tabby Queens ready for re-homing if anyone is interested tel me for info - on 01865 391247  They are available for just the price of Spaying ( Microchipping and up-dated vaccs. if required - at cost)

Snowflake Snowflake



All the news for now - IT HAS BEEN A BUSY YEAR - Thanks to everyone who thought enough about my kittens to come back again and again and to send me News and Pictures and Progress Reports - and to all those of you who are new to this wonderful world of Cats and trusted me enough to visit and fall in Love.   -   Dorothea (25 years of Applause)

Picture below from Laura -  - Dolly and Bella - enjoying their first Xmas - Don`t be Jealous !!   - Time just flies away  and you too could have a kitten like any of these.  Queens have been mated and Kittens expected---. Births will be notified on this page as soon as!

That's Dolly - She knows she looks sweet