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  The Prefix Applause was selected some 25  years ago, when I started seriously breeding Pedigree cats as a Hobby. Hyde Farm Nurseries situated on the A415 between Abingdon and Marcham, Oxfordshire is  mainly a Plant Nursery and was established and run by my husband  when he specialised in the lovely Fuchsias. One of the most beautiful was called Applause -it seemed only fitting to pass this lovely name on.Applause Pedigree Cats

I have a personal affection for the semi-long haired breeds and settled on two - the Ragdoll and the Maine Coon. Both these breeds  have coats that are easier to care for than the very long-haired, such as the Persian types and they also are people cats, liking to be handled, of gentle temperament  non-aggressive and get on reasonably well with one another and other breeds.

I also discovered that both breeds took well to the Show scene and I was fortunate in having  had considerable success  with my chosen Queens and Studs, both in the GCCF and TICA. The Shows - apart from being good fun, and a chance for personal achievement, are also one of the best ways of keeping up with new trends in the Cat World, and a continual learning curve, as well as being a socialising day out with friends having the same interests.


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I decided to introduce the British Shorthair to our group and fell in love with the Silver Spottie.  I acquired my very first girl "Polkadot of Applause"  and in due course mated her to that fantastic boy - a Silver Classic - RoyalLancer Elijah owned by Sue Aherne - the result is the truly  lovely litter of Polkas - 3 boys and 2 girls - shown here - at  5 weeks.Applause Pedigree Cats

The two girls will be staying with me to help build my foundation stock and to further this end I have also brought in my first Silver Spottie Stud boy Adelfsh Roxynights Prince   He is a very pale Silver  and most attractive looking. I entered him at the  Kensington Kitten & Neuter Show  at Bracknell where he got 4 Red Cards and a Best of Breed at only just 4 months old. So - Watch this Space!!

One is good - Two is better - Three can be a crowd and one may just be crowded out!)
Having Four adjusts the balance of bonding again - but remember they all like their space and they all need your time and attention. Don`t overdo it..

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